The Enrico Fermi Museum at XLIII SISFA Congress

Historian of Science Miriam Focaccia and Coordinator of EEE Project Marco Garbini gave a talk about the Enrico Fermi Museum at XLIII SISFA Congress in Padua, 5-8 September 2023
The meeting aims at promoting the research activities in the history of physics and astronomy in Italy, carried out not only by academic historians but also by independent scholars and school teachers willing to explore the role of the history of physics and astronomy in the present-day teaching of the disciplines. At the same time, the Meeting provides an opportunity to strengthen collaborations and establish new links among the members of SISFA and other scholarly societies and researchers working in the same and related fields.

Focaccia and Garbini’s talk was “The scientific legacy of via Panisperna. History, experiences, and perspectives of the Enrico Fermi Museum”.
They had the opportunity to present the concept, organisation and contents of the Museum and the longtime expertise with schools and the general public.

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