In 1990 Gianni Amelio’s 2-part series “I Ragazzi di via Panisperna” aired on Rai2. The TV film told the private stories of the great scientists (Segrè, Pontecorvo, Amaldi and Majorana) collected by Enrico Fermi at the Institute in via Panisperna in Rome. One of the main stories of the film is the relationship between Fermi and Majorana, whose mysterious disappearance profoundly marked the fate of this group of scientific research geniuses.

  • Director: Gianni Amelio
  • Interpreters: Andrea Prodan, Ennio Fantastichini, Alberto Gimignani, Laura Morante

Pilgrim Film, a production company founded in 2008 in Trieste, has always been devoted to European co-productions. In these days of isolation, he has decided to open his archives to the community, making them freely available to everyone online.

Maximovich. The story of Bruno Pontecorvo
by Diego Cenetiempo
Italy / Russia / France, 2013, HD (16: 9 – 2: 35: 1), 59 ′

In September 1950, at the dawn of the Cold War, the Italian physicist Bruno Pontecorvo mysteriously disappeared with his family, creating a real political earthquake in Europe and the United States: Pontecorvo was in fact a scientist known throughout the world for his skills. in a very delicate area, that of nuclear research. The disappearance of Bruno Pontecorvo remains one of the most fascinating mysteries of the atomic era and of the Cold War, especially when it was later learned that the Italian scientist had crossed the Iron Curtain to settle in the Soviet Union. The life of Bruno Pontecorvo, an exceptional and decidedly unique life, is deeply linked to the historical events of the twentieth century and to the extraordinary developments in the field of elementary particle physics.

An ambitious concept with a high technological impact that crosses national borders and is kicking off with the shooting of the first of two projects. “La Particella Fantasma”, a short film that will be followed by the realization of a second original production already under development.

Directed by William Giuseppe Lombardo, “The Phantom Particle” is at the same time the story of an inexplicable disappearance, an original representation of an extraordinary and prestigious family from Militello in Val di Catania and the story of the surprising correlations that the formulas of the great physicist, written more 80 years ago, they have on our present and they will have on our future.

A film by Egidio Eronico

An PMI production
Directed by Egidio Eronico
DOP: Carlo Rinaldi
Editing: Antonio Canestri
Music by Riccardo Giagni