Fermi’s greatness, his extraordinary figure as a master and giant of 20th century physics, his formidable scientific achievements, the result of an exceptional creative mind ‘in balance’ between theories and experiments, are effectively illustrated within the path of the Museum The scientific legacy of Enrico Fermi.

A journey that, through a dozen significant ‘stages’, traces the life and scientific discoveries of Fermi, from Rome to the United States: the visitor can immerse himself in this engaging and exciting ‘adventure’ combining in an innovative way traditional objects and panels with modern multimedia technologies, from graphic displays to interactive panels, from touch screens to holographic ones.

The monumental building of Via Panisperna is an integral part of this route, with the ‘fountain of goldfish’  where it is said that Fermi and his group carried out experiments on slowing down neutrons; the staircase at the entrance, immortalized in 1931 on the occasion of the first international congress of nuclear physics; the monumental internal staircase and the corridors on the first floor, where the ‘Corbino’s boys’ ran between the irradiation of one element and the other, with Fermi always in the lead!