Fermi's «names» and articles

In this room you may find a desk thata is a faithful reproduction of the one Enrico Fermi used in his study in this building in the 1930s.

One installation contains the names associated with Enrico Fermi that are currently used to describe the physical phenomena he was instrumental in identifying. In addition, there are names that have been introduced to celebrate Fermi.

Another installation contains Enrico Fermi’s scientific articles written in the Italian period up to 1938.

Finally there is  note, written during his stay in Stockholm in December 1938, where he had gone for the Nobel Prize award ceremony, shows Fermi’s interest in interdisciplinarity.

“I am convinced that physical science must an intense collaboration with other sister sciences and especially with biology. I hope that such a tendency, which is taking shape today, will benefit both sciences. to the benefit of both sciences.