John Elkann visited the Enrico Fermi Museum

John Elkann e Luciano Pietronero in piedi all'ingresso del Museo Enrico Fermi

Before Christmas, we had the pleasure of hosting John Elkann for an informal and private visit. After the greetings, Elkann and the President of the institution, Luciano Pietronero, had the opportunity to exchange some ideas on the role of science in today’s society and on how research institutions can contribute to the higher education of young people face increasingly complex challenges of the future.

The President then accompanied the Elkann family to the Museum with the Museum Coordinator, Miriam Focaccia and our Museum Educator, Domenica Verduci.

The museum itinerary, between history and scientific discoveries, was an opportunity to reflect on Enrico Fermi’s leadership model, capable of creating cohesive and brilliant working groups, and on his intuition that the future would be automatic calculators.

In John Elkann’s words, the visit was “interesting and engaging”; we hope it could be a source of inspiration and new ideas.


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